Article publié dans la revue The Earth Issue. A dream of tomorrow
Paru en octobre 2020
Uncertain times can throw us down a spiral of despair or, quite the opposite, awaken a wild sense of hope within us. Desperation when the status quo fails and crumbles in front of our eyes, leaving a frightening void in our daily life.
Hope for a brighter future, when new possibilities materialize on the horizon, and dreams once dismissed as wild utopias are now seen as innovative solutions. In the context of urban planning, these utopias often take the shape of truly green spaces, built intuitively with surrounding materials using a resilient and gentle design process.
More often than not, green design invokes traditional knowledge about the environment and sitespecific resources, bringing us back to our roots. Rooted indeed are the ambitious and daring architectural designs that work collaboratively with the forces of nature instead of fighting against them, allowing pre-existing biomes to thrive while simultaneously developing the architectonic infrastructures of tomorrow.
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